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Confession #2123

"I feel weird shipping underage couples, like Idie and Quire. Mostly because I tend to forget that they are actually 13-14ish, not 17-18ish. But then ages in the Marvel ‘verse are so messed up anyway, characters can stay teenagers for thirty years. I mean, how long will it be before I can crush on Quire and not feel like a sex offender?"


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    Quentin said he was 16 in Schism. Stan Lee’s year measurement of Marvel, that 3 of our years = 1 in theirs, yeah he...
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    Quire should be about 17 by now. He was around for about a year before Avengers Disassembled, and there was a little bit...
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    The greatest question ever asked.
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    Well, Kade was pretty fucked up from the beginning (I will never stop getting Shaw vibes from him), so I definitely...
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    Not that I’m the secret anon, but I’m twenty four and I still feel like a sex offender for my squishy feels concerning...
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    Yeah, I agree, there is definitely something creepy with that whole situation.
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    Didn’t know Quire was so young. I thought he was the same age as Surge or Hellion.
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    Idie is fourteen. Quentin is sixteen (should be turning seventeen soon.) I think it’s more creepy that twelve-year-old...
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