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A simple blog for you to confess anything and everything you've ever thought about the Marvel Universe! If you have something you want to say put it in the ask box and I'll make the picture :)

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Confession #2327

I just want the Ultimate Universe to go back to its roots of being focused on making old things new instead of being the “Extreme” universe where they can kill all the main characters, destroy entire cities, etc. just because it’s not their main universe.”


Confession #2326

One of the things that made the Iron Man Armor MK 42 grow on me was how it looked in the Marvel: Avengers Alliance game.”


Confession #2325

"I cannot wait for Dan Slott’s Silver Surfer! I don’t care what anyone thinks Dan is an amazing writer and him paired with Mike Allred is just perfect."


Confession #2324

"I can’t stand what the writers have done to Hulkling. Son of the greatest hero of the universe and an heir to the Skull Empire and the only thing the writers do with him is make him the boy friend to the most over top Mary Sue Marvel has ever invented. We need to Save Teddy Altman!"


Confession #2323

"I’m sick of all the Agents of SHIELD hate. If you don’t like the show, that’s fine. Stop sharing, though. We are tired of hearing about it."


Confession #2322

"People who believe that, with the new Secret Avengers series, Ales Kot is doing nothing more than copying Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye are my new Most Annoying Fanboys."


Confession #2321

"I would love to see a new Wolverine book starring; Daken, X-23, and Raze - written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Jerome Opena once Wolverine dies."


Confession #2320

"I hope Wolverine stays dead as long as Jean has."


Confession #2319

"I cannot wait till the day for when Bendis stops writing X-books. I cannot believe there are some people who actually find his writing acceptable writing our beloved X-characters, especially Emma. And many more"


Confession #2318

"I wish Bobby Drake/Iceman was used more in non X-books. Dude is an omega level mutant who can stop electrons from moving. What galactic level threat couldn’t he stop? I would love to see him fighting shoulder to shoulder with Cap and Thor."